domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Flowers and Lolita

Hello dears!

Sorry again for the delay in posting, but my work these last days/weeks has left me exhausted...
Not much to post (nothing exciting has happened in my life hahahaha) other than the fact that i'm focused on making floral headdress's lately! I'm always looking for new ways to combine flowers and everything!
I'll share with you guys three of my new headdress's along with three lolita outfits and hope you enjoy!
This one was one of the first ones so simple!

I made this one last week it's really OTT crown of flowers but i like it!
I made this one just this week i wanted a more simple tonned down flower crown! 

Today i made a new one it's quite simple just white and red, i made it for a new outfit of mine (first time i will wear a skirt in lolita) but i didn't take any pictures since i was very tired!
I will try to take it tomorrow!

Hope you guys like it!

2 comentários:

  1. I love flowers, I love Lolita and I love you so this post is full of win! (and i love that first black dress, a LOT)

  2. acessorios bem fofos *_*

    e como sempre tas uma maravilha <3 es a minha lolita preferida *hugs*