segunda-feira, 24 de junho de 2013

My loli appearance on tv!

Hello my dear!

I want to apologize for not coming here some time i had so many thing to tell you guys but my time was so little, i been having problems in my current job and for some time i've been torn between two jobs, but finally i decided (despite knowing that the situation in Portugal is very bad) i'll say goodbye to macdonald, they do not give any value to my work or me as a peson and labor abuses are getting worse...

But that's not what you want to talk about today! Big big news, last weekwas invited to participate in an article about my lolita life, that would be for a Portuguese television program,  our group leader told them i was the person that wears lolita the most here in Portugal they decided to invite me and since i had the time i accepted.  
So on Tuesday i had a reporter and a cameraman came here at my home to interview me and collect pictures with me talking about the style and also to show my lolita wardrobe, they were friendly and helpful despite my nervousness not to mention the fact that i am very shy hahaha but still managed to make a good overview! 
On Thursday we went to the studios to appear on the live program, i was a nervous wreck really, though everybody in the studio to be very sympathetic and courteous, but i should say that what saved me was my boyfriend bein there with me, he was also invited to give his opinion about my style (he does not wear lolita or any alternative style). In the studio before were air, the show's host came to me to calm me down (she noticed from afar that i was very shy) and i must tell you that the lady was very open minded and fun, she explained to me what she was going to ask me, so i was not taken aback by her questions, but overall we had to do like were having a café chat and so we did since she was so easy goin xD in one part of the program she even decided to play with my and boyfriend names (since my name is Flavia and his is Flavio)just to make me laught! 

On the waiting room before the live (the make up artist said i don't know how to apply make up totally crushing my self-esteem xDDD but she actually didn't do anything so i guess i look ok)

Me and my darling

Full outfit shot next to one of the studio cars

The interview in my opinion was very constructive, i could talk about me wearing lolita daily, people's reactions but also could explain what the style was the good and the bada hahahha! I think so far in Portugal this was one of the best interviews (it was not because i was the one speaking) they gave me the freedom to say what i wanted, which usually does not happen because usually the information they want is to get more views from viewers.
Print from the tv me and the host chatting

My shy self trying to look composed

My boyfriend at the public (they made him talk also and made him really nervous also xD)
At the end of the program we decided to head back home, but host was kind enough to take some pictures with me and my boyfriend (although the man who took them have not done a good job) before we went away.
So nice of her taking a photo with us (the nice man who took this decided to cut our feet off)
When we got home i felt like i was reeeaallly  worn out i just wanted to sleep and rest so i spent the rest of the day on couch with my cat!
My luna looking evil like always but she's sho sho sweet!

 Hope you guys liked this post here is the link if you want to see me on the channel website!

Many hugs;