segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Visiting shi and my baby kitty's

Hello friends!

How are you? I hope you are all well!

So last week I went to my friend shi in Lisbon, I had to go there to deal with issues of my new work and discuss everything with my new bosses and therefore joined the useful to the pleasant hahahaha have not seen the shi for almost a month and i missed her!
We went to "Castella do Paulo" the Japanese Cake shop that we have here in Portugal, where i'll get to work and then we went for a walk downtown and see shops!
I went in a casual sweet loli outfit, i like this dress cus it makes me look thinner hahahhahah and of course because he's pink!
Full outfit

Me and shi

Don't know why but i liked this pic

This week I have been visiting my kittens babies, who are still at the vet, they are increasingly lovely can not wait to be able to bring them home! The workers at Vetpoint are all so nice i'm so gratefull for their wonderfull work!<3 
Yeah i don't wear lolita when i go to the vet's place, i know it's stupid and i tend to overthink but i think it's the best that way...

Me and my three baby's

Sorry for the crappy pic but this baby girl was all over the place <3

My lovely baby boy<3

My other more calm baby girl

 Which brings me to perhaps the problem .. How does the luna (my other beautiful cat of my heart that is quite possessive of me) will respond to the new brothers? O_O
Me and luna chilling on the floor it was very hot that day and the floor felt quite nice!

My cutie pie! <3

Luna trying to point out to her daddy that mommy ish hers alone!<3

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Many hugs;

terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

Cat's are love!

Goodnight My Sweethearts!

How have you all been? Hope u all are good!
~( ̄▽ ̄)~
Today was one hellish heat day -_- but it's not a new thing since
these past few weeks there's been a wave of heat, hope it does not continue like this because it greatly hinders my work because i am full of pain in my knee (climate change affect me forever).

Well today i will talk about something that I love with all my heart, which of course are cats! At the same time i want to talk about something that hurts me more and more, which is the increase of abandoned animals in Portugal.
Then through facebook, i met a vet's office near the place where I work that had 3 kittens for adoption, i had already in mind to adopt another feline friend some time now, so i was super happy to know they were so close
and so i schedule a visit to the vet's office today so that i could see the babys!  
The cute kitty's ahhhh happiness in one hand!

To my shock i discovered that the vet found them in the trash, stuffed into a garbage bag, they were 4, but unfortunately one of these poor animals died in the bag.  
The vet that i will forever admire for is kind soul, took them out of there and has been taking care of them and trying to get homes for these beautiful felines! GOD BLESS HIM!!!  

Yet I wonder how come there are people capable of doing this? They kept the kittens FOR DAYS and then they decided to put them in the trash can as if they were garbage and follow their life as if nothing had happened ... This to me is a monstrosity that should be punishable by law! Who makes this genre of thing or who abuse animals for me should rot in jail! Seriously I was with tears in my eyes just to imagine that those poor little kittens were in the trash just because there are bad people in this world...
Initially i wanted to keep this little white beauty
(oh dammit for me i would get them'all) but when I got there, he said that a lady had already asked that before me and that tomorrow she would visit him (of course i'm glad the kitty is adopted because what matters is getting home to them) but I love the other two as well, they are black and white and two are sooooo alike! The vet was kind enough to let me give food to one of them and of course i was so happy, because she seemed to like me <3 I started blabering all time after that as i was too excited(crazy cat lady alert), I bet that i shocked the vet hahahaha!
Cute lil white kitty
Cute lil black and white kitty's
Then after he put babies to sleep in their bed because they were meowing so cutely much, he was again super kind and offered me a sample bag of food (recommended by the vet's) for my other two cats interestingly is same brand of food i usually use xD.
 In the end he asked me to call tomorrow to see if the other lady will actually take the white kitten, but i should say that even if that happens i'm considering adopting the other two also!

After that me and my boyfriend went to visit a popular festival that happens every two years near the area where he lives and had not yet "Begun" because the stalls were still being open, there really was not a lot of people, which for me is better because I do not like crowded places hahahha after dinner we went to mac (yay novelty) and so ended my day!

Pictures of festival and my soon to be crazy cat lady self!

Casual loli outfit to the festival!

Hope you guys liked reading this post!
Many hugs;