quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

New outfits and events! *many photos*

Hello my lovely people!

Ok I know I've been horrible in updates, but I have had very little time these last few months and also my memory does not help!So that u guys apologize me i will fill you with photos of some meetings and events!

I'll start with the photos that are from the
Easter lolita meet, that happened in Lisbon it was super fun  some young girls came that day some who are starting in lolita and which I think are great!
Our lovely group
Me and one of the new girls, Ka is really friendly!

I went to Setubal to visit a good friend it was a lolita meeting in her home! Sadly it was only 3 of us since Setubal it's quite far but we had a blast!
 We saw a japanese horror serie, that in my view was hilarious and not scary at all!
We had lovely snack waiting for us there! She made pink cake on purpose for us and it made me so happy!
Me posing for the photo
me bein crazy
Trio shot!

The EGL Portugal was invited to participate in promoting the event connected to japan and cosplay IBERANIME took place national channel RTP1. I went as a representative and asked another member to come with me, honestly I did not like because it was poorly organized and the organization didn't let us explain what lolita was soooo we were confused with cosplay... However the cosplayers were all lovely and very friendly!
We had to do some random poses so here i am bein potato on nacional TV
All together

outfit for TV

Outfit of the event
I went with my dear friends to the Iberanime it was very fun but had far too many people!!  
They had many shops full of merchandising and Japanese food! This year there were many cosplayes with immense quality I regret not having taken pictures with everyone but as i said it was too full ;A; 
Some photos i really like!

I also had the opportunity to meet the creators of LA CERISE for which will be a model!They are adorable and so nice I was very glad to finally have met them! And oh boy the store's products are all WONDERFUL WILL SPEND MY NEXT PAYCHECK ALL THERE!

 This year the organizers decided to make a short introduction to lolita, was then asked us to go on stage but when I thought we were gonna just parading the presenter decided that I would have to answer the questions which made me very uncomfortable and through discourse I had a great blocking and so I had to ask a friend who feels more comfortable in public speaking to do it because I was getting too nervous! * why thank you Annie! <3 *

During the introduction

Me posing for photo and ka bein all cute behind

I went to RAMMSTEIN concert, I hear this band since I was 13, I love them are really good musicians and original in my opinion and are extremely professional on stage! Were never fail us as always the spectacle was wonderful and I look forward to the next concert in Portugal!
Yes i went with lolita vibe to a RAMMSTEIN concert
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 Sooo that's it i hope you guys enjoy it!
Bu bye and many hugs!