sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Sparkle up this depressing mood

 Hello my sugar pansy!

Lately I have been feeling depressed, I get no energy for anything or to get out of bed i end up just thinking too much on unnecessary things ... But yesterday I woke up with some energy so I decided to "dress up" a bit and take pictures to cheer me hahaha fortunately distracts me a bit and liked the pictures as I will share with you.

Hope you enjoy!

terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

2014 Summer Loliday

Hello my cotton balls

This past 7th took place the summer Loliday, despite not having had much adhesion and unfortunately some cancellations but we had lots of fun and it was a memorable day!

We went to the Poison d'amour which are filled with sweets and empty the wallets hahhaha we took some pictures because the Ka that came accompanied by her nice aunt had to go early.

Then we went to the embassy where we can not take many pictures because they were running a series of events, we got to participate in the draw of a photographic machine and many people took photo of us!
Later our dear Annie came to us and went to Belem for dinner to complete an excellent day.

Here you leave the pictures of the day!

* I apologize light was horrible inside the Poison *

 :heart:   :heart: 

 :(eat): Asterisco :(eat): 

 :cherry: Susaninha :cherry: 

 :heartfly: Ka :heartfly: 

 :vw: Aish :vw:

 :(roses): Fla :(roses):

 :panda: Annie :panda:

 :teapt: Grupo

domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Indiana Loli Jones Went to Karneval



 Uff Well then I do not have many excuses to explain my total disappearance since last year ..Nhaaa last year I got another job that occupied so much of my time, also have lost some of the interest in writing in this blog because it seemed like only wrote to me and with a few exceptions no one would read ahhh and I have lost my job .. in other words I'm unemployed!  

But I miss writing here and I will try to be faithful this time writing here!
Well talking about happier things, here in my country is carnival time; personally am not a fan but this year to cheer myself up I had the idea to mix lolita with Indiana Jones to have a different and "comic" outfit for it. 
I personally liked a lot of income and even think the hat would be fine also in less thematic outfits!
Hope you guys like it also tell me so if yes or no!

 Well bu bye and many hugs;

segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2013

Visiting shi and my baby kitty's

Hello friends!

How are you? I hope you are all well!

So last week I went to my friend shi in Lisbon, I had to go there to deal with issues of my new work and discuss everything with my new bosses and therefore joined the useful to the pleasant hahahaha have not seen the shi for almost a month and i missed her!
We went to "Castella do Paulo" the Japanese Cake shop that we have here in Portugal, where i'll get to work and then we went for a walk downtown and see shops!
I went in a casual sweet loli outfit, i like this dress cus it makes me look thinner hahahhahah and of course because he's pink!
Full outfit

Me and shi

Don't know why but i liked this pic

This week I have been visiting my kittens babies, who are still at the vet, they are increasingly lovely can not wait to be able to bring them home! The workers at Vetpoint are all so nice i'm so gratefull for their wonderfull work!<3 
Yeah i don't wear lolita when i go to the vet's place, i know it's stupid and i tend to overthink but i think it's the best that way...

Me and my three baby's

Sorry for the crappy pic but this baby girl was all over the place <3

My lovely baby boy<3

My other more calm baby girl

 Which brings me to perhaps the problem .. How does the luna (my other beautiful cat of my heart that is quite possessive of me) will respond to the new brothers? O_O
Me and luna chilling on the floor it was very hot that day and the floor felt quite nice!

My cutie pie! <3

Luna trying to point out to her daddy that mommy ish hers alone!<3

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Many hugs;