terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

2014 Summer Loliday

Hello my cotton balls

This past 7th took place the summer Loliday, despite not having had much adhesion and unfortunately some cancellations but we had lots of fun and it was a memorable day!

We went to the Poison d'amour which are filled with sweets and empty the wallets hahhaha we took some pictures because the Ka that came accompanied by her nice aunt had to go early.

Then we went to the embassy where we can not take many pictures because they were running a series of events, we got to participate in the draw of a photographic machine and many people took photo of us!
Later our dear Annie came to us and went to Belem for dinner to complete an excellent day.

Here you leave the pictures of the day!

* I apologize light was horrible inside the Poison *

 :heart:   :heart: 

 :(eat): Asterisco :(eat): 

 :cherry: Susaninha :cherry: 

 :heartfly: Ka :heartfly: 

 :vw: Aish :vw:

 :(roses): Fla :(roses):

 :panda: Annie :panda:

 :teapt: Grupo

5 comentários:

  1. Quase não te conheço sem óculos! :3 A tua coroa de flores está divina <3

  2. KAKAKA não reconheces no positivo ou no negativo? x'D sank you dear <3

  3. You looked perfect! Best dressed award :D I'm sorry i missed it but i'm not at my best atm, too tired.

  4. Awn sank you jo! <3 You were really really missed estavamos sempre a falar de tie a planear visitar-te!

  5. Oi,poderia seguir meu blog? ele fala sobre assuntos nerds como filmes,desenhos,series,etc. espero que goste ^_^
    Gostei do seu blog,espero que também goste do meu :) Bjs Gi