segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

New tattoo and lolita outfit

Hello my dears

Last week I finished another tattoo, i had this idea some time now and finally got the courage to face the pain (do not fear the pain of being tattooed is very "tolerable").
I chose to go on my day off to make it stress free and to be able to rest after do it, because once again i tattooed on my operated knee and the last time was not very good, i wanted to be cautious (last time i finished in hospital not because of the tattoo but thanks to my knee that halfway through decided thati could not walk anymore).

This time everything went very well, i love going to the studio they are always so nice and respect the fact that i always wear and appear dressed in lolita! The tattoo was relatively simple, i made ​​six butterflies around my sakuras ,i decided to only do the butterfly's silhouette's in different colors, the worst part was the knee again, my tattoo artist told me it would hurt a lot because the knee is one of the painful places to have tattoo's done and once again he was correct, the pain of the needle and the vibration of the machine gah I do not want to remember the pain once more!

You can see the pain when you look at my other leg muscle all contracted! But Manolo, the tattoo artist is ever so gentle! 
 When he finished the tattoo I was super happy because it was delicate, soft and feminine, exactly as I wanted!

I know bad phone photo but it's the only i have for now!!

Using the studio mirror to take photo just after making the tattoo!

 Unfortunately as i do not have more decent pictures of the tattoo, i will leave you guys with pictures of my outfit of the day. It's a simple outfit and ready, casual and ready for spring, I LOVE the roses in the dress and it's one of my favorite recent purchases!

Hope you guys enjoy reading and many hugs;


quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

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quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2013

New hair color and lolita outfit to match with it!

New hair color!

 Ok today I'll tell my adventure to change the color of my hair! You do not know but I can rarely keep the same color for a long time, I was born with naturally black hair but just kept it for 17 years starting from that time never stopped "modify" my hair! Well this week and this time the goal was to get back hair, had in mind a tone caramel or honey but everything went wrong when I put the damn ink after having bleached my hair! My hair ended up a shade of brownish orangy thing that react to light in different ways as you'll see in the photo ...  

Strange color that reacts to light!!
I hated the color so yesterday I decided to kill her
 I went to the mall to buy a solution only had two chances, or discolor my hair again and cause immense damage or i had to darken my hair and of course chose the second course. So i bought a permanent ink without ammonia so it dosen't spoil my hair! My choice fell on advice of my boyfriend, he told me that the best tones for me were the black or red and since i'm sick of black decided to choose deep red!!

I was quite happy with the color is vibrant and strawberry like, as said on the box this ink does not resected my hair much, however i doubt that will last much (problem of fake red).
 Today was my day off and as  was at my boyfriend house I decided to take some pictures with a lolita outfit to match my new hair color!  
This dress (fruits parlor) is a love of mine, i love him but he is too fussy, colorful and bright and although I wear lolita daily i very very rarely seen outside meets or events with this dress, which is truly sad for me because I love it but the Portuguese society is boring and discriminate what is different..

I hope you like my new color and this outfit!

In the shadow it looks like a deep wine red!

Here you can see the color in natural light!

Cutsew: offbrand
Socks: offbrand
Shoes: SS 
Acessories: handmade by me

Thank you guys for reading and many hugs;

sexta-feira, 8 de março de 2013

Red lolita outfit for a blue day!

Hello my friends!

How is everyone? I have not been very good, my working conditions are quite bad I am often discriminated and am never really appreciated or respected for my work but still try to do my job, but honestly and truly do not know how much more I will endure... I am increasingly unhappy whenever I think I have to wake up to go to that job...

  Anyway changing the subject, this post is just to show you an outfit that i was suposed to use this last Thursday for a meet, the meet was unfortunately canceled because the public transports had once again a strike (on tv they were saying that in 365 days of the year some of our public sector employees work only 70 days cus they're always on strike can you guys believe??) Anywhoooo as I could not go and had nothing do do because it was my day off and the weather was really bad, i decided to dress up for at least some photos!
This outfit is special to me because it is the first time in all these years that i wear lolita, that i decided wear a lolita skirt (you guys may not know but until 7 months ago but I was quite fat but decided to lose weight and I lost 25 kilos so far) in the past it was impossible fot me to fit in them, but now they serve yay honestly i really enjoy seeing me in a lolita skirt! Hope you enjoy this simple outfit!

Me and ma kittie!

Some close-ups so show my handmade headdress

Crazy hand sign!

 Hope you like it!

Many hugs

domingo, 3 de março de 2013

Flowers and Lolita

Hello dears!

Sorry again for the delay in posting, but my work these last days/weeks has left me exhausted...
Not much to post (nothing exciting has happened in my life hahahaha) other than the fact that i'm focused on making floral headdress's lately! I'm always looking for new ways to combine flowers and everything!
I'll share with you guys three of my new headdress's along with three lolita outfits and hope you enjoy!
This one was one of the first ones so simple!

I made this one last week it's really OTT crown of flowers but i like it!
I made this one just this week i wanted a more simple tonned down flower crown! 

Today i made a new one it's quite simple just white and red, i made it for a new outfit of mine (first time i will wear a skirt in lolita) but i didn't take any pictures since i was very tired!
I will try to take it tomorrow!

Hope you guys like it!