segunda-feira, 25 de março de 2013

New tattoo and lolita outfit

Hello my dears

Last week I finished another tattoo, i had this idea some time now and finally got the courage to face the pain (do not fear the pain of being tattooed is very "tolerable").
I chose to go on my day off to make it stress free and to be able to rest after do it, because once again i tattooed on my operated knee and the last time was not very good, i wanted to be cautious (last time i finished in hospital not because of the tattoo but thanks to my knee that halfway through decided thati could not walk anymore).

This time everything went very well, i love going to the studio they are always so nice and respect the fact that i always wear and appear dressed in lolita! The tattoo was relatively simple, i made ​​six butterflies around my sakuras ,i decided to only do the butterfly's silhouette's in different colors, the worst part was the knee again, my tattoo artist told me it would hurt a lot because the knee is one of the painful places to have tattoo's done and once again he was correct, the pain of the needle and the vibration of the machine gah I do not want to remember the pain once more!

You can see the pain when you look at my other leg muscle all contracted! But Manolo, the tattoo artist is ever so gentle! 
 When he finished the tattoo I was super happy because it was delicate, soft and feminine, exactly as I wanted!

I know bad phone photo but it's the only i have for now!!

Using the studio mirror to take photo just after making the tattoo!

 Unfortunately as i do not have more decent pictures of the tattoo, i will leave you guys with pictures of my outfit of the day. It's a simple outfit and ready, casual and ready for spring, I LOVE the roses in the dress and it's one of my favorite recent purchases!

Hope you guys enjoy reading and many hugs;


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