sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2013

Valentine day *1 day late*

Ma kittie Valentine

Hello Dears;
Valentine outfit
Well as you know yesterday was day S.Valentim however and despite being my break I couldn't be with my lover all day because heworked until the 23 ;___; , but still i did not want to let the day pass in vain and since i had ordered one of Castellas special Valentines cakes i put my frills together and went to Lisbon to pick up my special cake since the oportunity came i got to meet with my dear friend shiroi who i didn't see in a while!
Delicous deserts
There we ate lunch, a delicious cookie cake decorated with a strawberry heart and after some conversation, ma friend shiroi took me to the station dear * u * thank you ma dear *on the way we passed a store where the a nice boy gave us 2
heart-shaped balloons, in the station some random man tried to force me to sell my ballon so that he could give it to his girfriend, but brave shi defended me and off I went with my balloon!
Me and my friend shiroi
 Such a nice day i had!


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  1. Your outfit is so cute!

    It's so bad that man wanted you to sell your baloon, he should buy presents for hid girlfriend few days before Valentine's day.

    Here in Brazil we don't have Valentine's day :( instead we have something like that in june. But you can only give presents to your love. I wish we had Valentine's day :(

  2. Own thanks for u'r post!

    Yeah i was actually afraid of that random man cus for some reason he kept looking at me in a strange way >_> oh well!!

    Really you guys don't have valentine's day?O_O my step mother is also from Brazil and she never told me that*that's a shame i think ;__;* and she's always so enthusiastic about it!!!

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