terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Carnival Meet

Hi there my dears!

oh my god excuse me millions, I have not updated the blog in a long time... Lately my life is just work and home so nothing exciting happened, so I just forget to post things here unfortunately... But I'll make the effort to post more stuff, even if it is only the clothes I've been wearing * as you know I wear Lolita on a daily *.

Today my post is about the meet last Saturday, it was a lolita meet we had a good time, unfortunately we only a few *like 5* but it was funny and they're all good girls *and boy of corse*! We visited our famous pastry Castella where as always we are always treated excellently!

This it a close up of me *i love this bear ear's i make*

Here we are *God why do i always look so tiny next to my friends*

Outfit photo *i was a bear all the way and the lady next to me was a stalker all the way also*

After the meet we will party kingpin store where I found some friends but I do not have pictures of them unfortunately .. But I was glad to see them back.
Before the other participants of the meet if they left we went to a store where HUGE Chinese have yet beautiful wigs that day were very rude to us and did not help us when asked why I did not buy anything.

Overall it was an excellent day and I loved that there were more!

2 comentários:

  1. Gah I'm sorry people stalked and were rude to you that day. That always brings me down, every time (well when i notice them that is).
    You looked adorable, I always did like that dress, you must get the matching btssb mascots and put them all in your bag as decor!

  2. flaaaa *_* tás tão cute omg, esse coord fica-te tão bem! e tens esse vestido! tens de mo emprestar! xD olha temos de combinar qualquer coisita um dia destes, tenho saudades tuas e da shi, mas n tenho monies no tlm para combinar convosco :( quando tens folga? manda-me pm no forum ;3